World’s Best Cat Litter

Which is the best cat litter in the UK?

Buskers cat team have been very helpful in researching and providing content based on surveys they have done with their audiences in regards to what is the best cat litter brand in the UK market today.

We will list a few common brands you will hear people chat about if you ask them for recommendations.

  • Clump & Seal
  • World’s Best Cat Litter
  • Dr. Elsey’s Premium Clumping Cat Litter
  • Fresh Step Extreme scented litter
  • Feline Pine Cat Litter

Types of Cat Litter Available

Here are some of the most common types of the best cat litter brands you will find in the market or online being reviewed by cat bloggers:

  • Clay clumping. is normally heavy and not biodegradable. It creates a lot of dust. The majority of cats would not mind it, and to you it easy to clean up. However, it’s not recommended for use by Kitten.
  • Clay non-clumping. Unlike clay clumping discussed above, this version requires frequent cleaning as their clumps aren’t scoopable.
  • Crystals. These are more expensive and since they are made of silica they tend to control odour better. Disadvantage other than the price they are dangerous if ingested.
  • Corn, wheat, and pine. These are great for cats with Allergies as they tend to use natural recycled corn, wheat, and pine. They usually don’t clump up but are mostly low or no dust, and are also biodegradable.

What is the Best Cat Litter for Odour Control?

Cats are very keen on their cleanliness, so to avoid undue stress and toileting problems, you need to keep your cats’ litter boxes clean and fresh and at the same time ensuring that they have quality fresh cat litter to avoid complications.

Just like you do your bedding replacement every week you need to do the same for your cats. Make it a habit of cleaning your cat litter box with clean warm soapy water and if you are more cautious as a person you can buy cat cleaning products from your local pet shop or order online if you are pressed for time.

Odour Neutralising cat litter

World’s Best cat litter has proved it’s worth its name. Because its made from natural whole-kernel corn, its dust free and boasts a naturally porous makeup that keeps odours inside the litter.

It’s quick to clump even after a small wee into neat little balls and makes it easy for you as a pet owner to clean after your cat and keep the litter box fresh and clean.

Why is this considered a great product by most online review buyers:

100% natural ingredients in its content., Lasts for a long time, It’s organic and free from dust particles, and finally its clumps really well and therefore easy to maintain. Since this is made from natural organic materials it will help improve your cat’s behaviour patterns and help them stop fouling other people gardens and this is also dependant on the location of the litter tray box as cats like their privacy too.

Where should I put my cat litter box: Best place and space

Litter box issues are a top behavioural concern based on research from top vets in the industry. It is recommended that a cat should have its own litter box plus on extra one and this should be well placed and easy to access. It is often a challenge if you share a small apartment with these creatures.

Making things practical, us humans like our bathroom to be accessible and also since they are intimate spaces we also prefer them to be a little discreet. How do we satisfy this for our feline friends?

A litter box should be placed somewhere your cat feels safe and there is less traffic from humans and dogs. A few places that would make excellent choices is your bathroom but you have to make sure that door is always open, in the spare guest room, if you have a laundry room you can use that space to give your kittens and cats privacy. Avoid areas with noisy machines like tumble driers and washing machines, etc.

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