Best Cat Beds in the Market with a Comfy Sleeping Spot for Your Cat


Your Cat need to be healthy all round. To ensure he/she is well cared for a good bed will facilitate good sleeping habits making his/her physical and mental being great. A comfy and relaxing sleeping environment will make all the difference for your feline friend.


Things to consider to ensure your Cat has a Good Place to Relax

  • Conducive Environment

How is the place where your cat sleep, is it cool or warm, is it damp and smelly, is it clean and homely, is it safe from insect or other pets? These are some of the questions you ask yourself when setting a good sleeping place for your feline friend.

If you are a pet owner who loves  environment friendly products the Petfusion cat bed is your best pick as it is large and can tolerate your cat scratching habits and also it is ecologically friendly as its’ made from recycled cardboard and non-toxic glue.

  • Type of Bed

Choose a bed that is comfortable for your cat, in term of material to avoid allergies.

Get a bed that is not made of material that will make your cat feel cold during winter or overheat during summer.

It is important for your cat to get used to her bed hence encourage her to use it often. Do not allow her in your bed or sofa and with time she will get used to her own bed.

That’s why it is good to know your cat preference to choose the best bed for her. Good thing is we have different sizes, shapes and designs and colours to choose from in the market.

  • Materials Used

Different pet owners have different material preferences, some cat owners opt for a luxurious look others might want a simple look that can suit their budget and cats’ activities.

Some cat beds allow room for adjustments and have a polyester washable fleece cover which is a bonus for any cat owner. It is easy to clean and will ensure your cat sleeping area is always clean.

  • Location of the Bed

Where will the cat bed be placed? In your living space or bedroom to avoid congestion. The choice of place is important. It should not be noisy, so that your cat can rest properly.

Have a comfortable bed for your cat that can still fit in your storage solutions.

Depending on where your cat likes sleeping get the best bed to suit that area, consider a bed that can go well with your home décor or one that can be near a window for your pet to enjoy the beautiful scenery as it relaxes.

  • Added accessories

I love the Piupet cat bed which comes with a pillow for added comfort for your cat. No need to worry about storage as this is considered with this cozy bed which can fit neatly in a small corner.

For safety concerns, ensure the bed comes with a non-slid base to avoid accidents for your feline friend when accessing her resting area.

You can add a blanket to keep your cat warm during winter or away from the cold from the floor depending on where the cat bed is placed.

The bed will be her place where your cat will seek refuge and enjoy her own space hence it should be as inviting to make her leave your bed alone. No more sneaking up into your bed for extra warmth.

  • Cleaning options

A clean place is a darling to anybody even your feline friend. No one like a smelly cat or sleeping area hence the bed you choose should be easy to clean.

It can be machine washable or have removable covers for quick cleaning.

We have different beds that are best suited for indoors and outdoors depending on your cats’ needs the cleaning options may vary also.

An outdoor bed might need more cleaning than an indoor bed as your cat get dirt more when outdoor like cattery bed than indoor.

Final Thought

They are many cat beds in the market, it can be a large bed, a luxurious bed, a corner bed, a cat cave that can transform into a cat mat when your cat is playful.

When you want to promote better sleep ensure your cat has a clean and comfortable bed for enjoying her sleep.

With that said more beds have been explained in details in our best cat beds article and for more insight check it out.

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